NCORE- ISCORE Professional Development Network

Group image of the professional development network

The network is for faculty and staff who have attended NCORE in the past or for those who will not be participating in the academy. Network members will have the opportunity to choose a learning partner or be paired with a learning partner to reflect upon NCORE-ISCORE and create a personal development action plan related to NCORE-ISCORE ideals.

Network Objectives

Provide an ongoing opportunity for faculty and staff to further their professional development by:

  • Engaging in dialogue about race and ethnicity in higher education
  • Strengthening Iowa State University’s work towards diversity and inclusion
  • Integrating NCORE-ISCORE’s ideals into ones professional and personal development

To successfully achieve the objectives Network members will:

Prior to attending NCORE

  • Meet with your Network learning partner at least one time before you leave campus (e.g., coffee, lunch, or meeting in your office) to review the online conference program, etc.

While participating in NCORE:

  • Connect with your Network learning partner once a day during the NCORE conference (e.g., breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) to reflect on your personal experience
  • Attend all NCORE keynotes with delegation members (faculty, staff and students) to represent Iowa State University
  • Develop your own network through interactions with professionals from Iowa State and across the country at NCORE

Following NCORE:

  • Connect with your Network learning partner, at least two times, after returning to campus (e.g., coffee, lunch, or meeting in your office) to reflect upon the NCORE-ISCORE experience
  • Create a professional and personal development action plan that integrates your NCORE-ISCORE experience within 1-month following the annual conference and share the plan with a colleague that will support your efforts
  • Discuss the value of your NCORE-ISCORE experience with your supervisor and/or department chair
  • Develop an elevator speech (up to 5 minutes) about the NCORE-ISCORE experience to share with potential attendees – write your reflection via the NCORE-ISCORE PD Network Canvas website
  • Participate in ISCORE as an attendee, and/or presenter, and/or organizer
  • Consider participating in the NCORE-ISCORE panel during the Pre-Conference for ISCORE


Iowa State and the NCORE-ISCORE Project have developed a reputation both locally and nationally of showing united effort and institutional commitment to its community by supporting such a large number of students, staff and faculty. To be “be counted” as a member of the NCORE-ISCORE Professional Development Network you will:

  • Build your personal and professional development growth prior to, during and following NCORE
  • Connect with a Network learning partner for peer growth and development during and following NCORE
  • Engage in a supportive network of professionals from ISU and across the country
  • Obtain the Iowa State group registration discount to attend NCORE
  • Receive a free T-shirt and participate in the annual ISU group photo taken on NCORE spirit day
  • Receive recognition as an active Network member during ISCORE

Network members are responsible for:

  • Paying for their registration to NCORE
  • Logistics; i.e. getting to the conference, shuttle to and from hotel, hotel costs, meals, and any miscellaneous expenses incurred for NCORE
  • Making the most of any professional development opportunities related to the NCORE-ISCORE project ideals at Iowa State University and beyond