The NCORE-ISCORE Project was created to support Iowa State University’s diversity efforts. The project provides an opportunity for ISU students, staff, and faculty to engage in positive interactions and dialogue and includes participating in two conferences: NCORE—a national conference geared towards building multicultural relations and ISCORE—ISU’s local initiative designed to provide an ongoing platform of sharing and applying new knowledge through presentations and workshops.

Each year, Iowa State University supports an interdisciplinary delegation of students and professionals from across colleges and divisions in attending the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE). Students and professionals bring new knowledge gained both personally and professionally from their NCORE experience back to the campus community.

  • Planning Committee: The planning committee takes responsibility for the whole conference providing operational support. The committee is primarily made up of staff volunteers that work closely with the NCORE-ISCORE Office.
  • Champions: Each year two colleges will be named NCORE-ISCORE Champions. These champions will sponsor and promote the efforts of NCORE-ISCORE as well as engage in self-reflection within their organizations with respect to diversity related to race and ethnicity. Specifically, champions will be asked to send several faculty or staff members to NCORE, support and celebrate scholarship and programs affecting inclusion, and share their experiences as champion with future champions and allies at ISCORE.
  • NCORE Scholars: Students are selected as NCORE scholars and attend pre-departure meetings in the spring. They attend NCORE in May. In the fall, the students complete research projects in U ST 321, many of which end up as presentations for ISCORE. In the fall and spring they help plan and present ISCORE sessions.
  • Project Team Leaders: Team leaders work directly with students throughout the year before, during and after NCORE ending with their creation of a successful ISCORE the following spring.
  • Student Change Agents: Student alumni of the NCORE-ISCORE Project can continue to be active in the mission by working for the NCORE-ISCORE Office as peer educators attending monthly dialogues and using their experience to create change on campus. These Student Change Agents can be utilized as spokespeople and recruiters for the project going forward.
  • NCORE-ISCORE Professional Development:
    • The NCORE-ISCORE Professional Development Academy is a professional and personal development program designed to strengthen dialogic skills and allow participants to engage in productive interpersonal conversations related to equity, diversity and inclusion on campus – with a focus on race and ethnicity. Faculty and staff who are attending NCORE for their 1st or 2nd time may apply for the academy. This 20-person academy includes a series of small-group dialogue sessions prior to, during and following the NCORE Conference.
    • NCORE-ISCORE Professional Development Network is for faculty and staff who have attended NCORE in the past or for those who will not be participating in the academy. Network members will have the opportunity to choose a learning partner or be paired with a learning partner to reflect upon NCORE-ISCORE and create a personal development action plan related to NCORE-ISCORE ideals.