Kennesha Woods

2018 NCORE-ISCORE Brenda Jones Change Agent Award recipient

The Brenda Jones Change Agent award recognizes an NCORE-ISCORE alumni who continues
to contribute to the understanding and awareness of topics related to race and ethnicity and has
created change in their community.

The 2018 NCORE-ISCORE Brenda Jones Change Agent Award recipient is Kennesha Woods. Kennesha is a class of 2011 Iowa State University graduate. She was an active member of Delta Sigma Theta and was a McNair Scholar. She recently obtained her M.S. at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in 2013. Since OSU, she has worked as a special educational teacher assistant for 6 years, a youth residential office for two years, a Domestic Violence Community Program Monitor for two years and is currently a Women’s Probation Parole Officer. Kennesha has remained locally active as the chair of the Diversity committee for the 5th Judicial District Department of Correctional Services. In addition to the Change Agent Award, she received a Multicultural Issues Worker Award in 2017 and was recently accepted in the Des Moines Iowa African American Leadership Academy 2018 cohort. It is clear through her work, that her passion lies in giving back to the community, specifically at risk young people, adults, and families.

In 2012, the NCORE-ISCORE Brenda Jones Change Agent Award was created, honoring Brenda Jones. Jones created the fourteen original paintings for ISCORE. In her own paintings
she explores figurative compositions that express her love of color and her concerns about
human relationships. They have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and are included
in many private and public art collections.