Ivy College of Business
2022 ISCORE Champion

Business is diverse.

These three words are mounted on one of our most visible walls in the Gerdin Business Building, where we teach classes and just a couple of doors down from my own office.

This statement is both a fact and an aspiration. What businesses see in diversity is, to use business terminology, an asset, not a liability. You want diverse perspectives because they make your businesses objectively stronger.

The value-creation that makes diversity so attractive to businesses cannot exist without a rooted sense of belonging to the community. As leaders in education, we have the opportunity and the responsibility in our teaching, events, and resource allocation to ensure our students, faculty, and staff at Ivy are welcomed, centered, and empowered.

It is events like ISCORE that motivate us to continue the ongoing work of improving our understanding of racial and ethnic issues and how best to address these issues.

It is my privilege to support the incredible work of ISCORE. I hope that today will be filled with renewed energy, growth, and ideas that will bring all of us one step closer to our goals.

David Spalding
Raisbeck Endowed Dean
Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business
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