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Each year, two Iowa State colleges are elected to serve as primary NCORE-ISCORE Champions in an effort to improve integration and opportunity across the university community.

Each NCORE-ISCORE Champion will be featured in both the local conference program and on the ISCORE website. NCORE-ISCORE Champions are asked to share college achievements for the year in the form of photos, artwork, and other representations. In addition, each college will submit a 300-word summary of the college achievements and highlights.

Champions are committed to:

  • Increasing diversity education for members of the ISU community;
  • Sharing information about the importance of understanding issues of race and ethnicity within the academic colleges;
  • Expanding opportunities for the success of underrepresented populations
  • Identifying components of cultural competency within academic colleges and how students, staff, and faculty are impacted;
  • Developing in-service opportunities, guest speakers, book clubs, or other meaningful activities to engage colleagues in dialogue focused on race and ethnicity; and
  • Contributing to ISCORE pre-conference workshops.

Become a Champion

Each NCORE-ISCORE Champion elected will become an official sponsor for the annual ISCORE Conference, held during the spring semester. As sponsors, champions commit to a minimum contribution of $1,500 to support the ISCORE Pre-Conference or ISCORE Keynote Speaker. In addition, champions are expected to:

  • Develop appropriate in-service/professional development opportunities for discussions on race and ethnicity in higher education
  • Support faculty and staff in ongoing research and journal submissions on topics of social justice and inclusion
  • Engage in self-reflection within your unit with respect to diversity, race, and ethnicity
  • Commit to sending staff members to ISCORE professional development pre-conference in March
  • Potentially sponsor a delegation of faculty and staff to attend NCORE in May
  • Promote and celebrate college faculty, staff, or student research or work tied to ISCORE goals
  • Present best practices and findings to future Champions at subsequent ISCORE events
  • Encourage ISU community’s use of safe professional spaces for conversations about race and ethnicity


  • Explore ways to infuse diversity into academic research and work
  • Increase knowledge about diverse issues in higher education
  • Identify best practices from other institutions and ways to implement at ISU
  • Develop safe professional spaces for conversations about race and ethnicity
  • Interact with and impact tomorrow’s leaders
  • Celebrate and share college achievements
  • Make a positive impact on the ISU community

NCORE-ISCORE Champions By Year

NCORE-ISCORE Champions were first introduced in 2016. The integration of NCORE-ISCORE Champions has been very successful in highlighting collaboration across campus in efforts of diversity and inclusion. Each year Champions are featured in the ISCORE conference program, ISCORE website, and speak at the ISCORE conference. Below is a complete list of College Champions. To view past ISCORE programs, click here.

Two people holding certificates with Dr. Younger, Wendy Wintersteen, and Jappannah Kellogg next to them

2022College of Business; College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

2021– College of Design; College of Engineering

The ISCORE 20th Anniversary Champions Iowa State University Foundation and Alumni AssociationGraduate CollegeCollege of Veterinary Medicine

2019 – University Library

2018 – College of Human Sciences; College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

2017 – College of Engineering; College of Business

2016 – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; College of Design