ISCORE will occur on March 3rd, 2017 Change Agent Academy members and Iowa State University Multicultural Liaison Police Officers: Nick Grossman, Dwight Hinson, and Natasha Greene


The NCORE-ISCORE Change Agent Academy is a professional and personal development program designed to broaden skills in dialogic practice and change agent work. Participation in the Academy allows staff and faculty to engage in the work of equity, diversity and inclusion on campus – with a focus on race and ethnicity.

If you are interested in participating in the Change Agent Academy, please contact: Japannah Kellogg,

We envision a community where the diversity of traditions, languages, values, beliefs, and cultures are valued and celebrated as intrinsic to the success and vibrancy of our collective community

To create space and opportunity for university community members to actively (1) engage in critical thought around race and ethnicity, (2) process the emotional impact of isms on one’s life and community, and (3) develop capacities and relationships to take action for justice within their spheres of influence.

Participant Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will explain and demonstrate healthy dialogic practices around race and ethnicity
  • Participants will apply philosophies, analytical frameworks and theories of race and racism
  • Participants will conceptualize and carry out change agent actions on campus

NCORE-ISCORE Project Professional Development Team Members Expectations

  1. Participation in ISCORE as an attendee, and possibly as a presenter and/or organizer.
  2. Participation in community building activities/pre-departure during Spring Semester with Academy participants.
  3. Participation in NCORE as an attendee.
  4. Participation in Academy dialogic practices each NCORE evening.
  5. Presentation of cohort(+/- 6 people) action plan to address building an analysis of race and racism, dialogic skills, and measurable practices for local action for justice, which becomes basis for a cohort workshop/training.
  6. Present a cohort workshop/training specifically related to those looking to join the academy.
  7. Participation in monthly dialogic practice. (read an article or theory, come together for a discussion, share out how activism is taking place in your sphere of influence, & reinforce community values)
  8. Serve as a listed/published resource for staff interested in joining the Academy.

Change Agent Academy FAQs

“What are the goals for this Change Agent Academy?”
Very simply we want to create a better Iowa State University that engages in consistent conversations around race and ethnicity. Additionally, we want to provide a structure where those who have the privilege to go to NCORE, come back and help educate others at Iowa State. This has been the foundation of the NCORE-ISCORE project from the conception. The students that go to NCORE come back and present at ISCORE and get involved in activism around campus. We are mirroring this experience for the faculty and staff now.

“I am worried about a presentation, because I am not an expert.”
This is a very logical worry. NCORE and ISCORE are meant to help you learn more about issues on race and ethnicity. No one is expected to be an expert on all topics, and there will be a group of people here to support you and help with the presentation. You and your group will decide the topic that you present on but we expect that there will be topics ranging from personal journey/experiences around race and ethnicity all the way to systemic change of departments. Any topic is great and will be beneficial on campus.

“Do I have to present by myself?”
No, actually we have set up that we will all present in small groups. We will have someone that is more experienced in each group to help lead discussion and process. This is very similar to the way the students that attend NCORE present.

“I am not sure I can make all of the pre or post-convention meetings.”
We understand that not everyone will make every meeting, however we would love if that happened. The Pre-Convention meeting are focused on getting everyone prepared to attend the meeting and to build relationships among the group. This will create a safer space to share your processing and thoughts that happen during NCORE. The post meetings are designed to continue the conversation that has started at NCORE. Past participants have expressed that it has been helpful to continue conversations after their return since they are more aware of incidents and want to still learn, grow, and process their thoughts and experiences. If you have to miss a meeting, it is fine just let me know so I can plan for your absence, but please make the meetings a priority. We will set the meeting in advance so you know when to plan for them.